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Lex Steele Review

lexsteele.com review

I was referred to this website by a friend, and decided to give the site a trial. As I entered the website, I was brought to a halt by the classic warning that you must be at least 18 years old in order to enter. It looked pretty boring, kind of a turn off. The name was of the website was appealing enough. As I entered, I was shocked! A clean, and professional site layout, with different ladies at the top, showing off what they had. Also, the shockwave intro was dazzling enough to grab your attention. A clean design, easy to use menus, straight forward options, and some quirks such as a mailing list, as well as online store was available. Now the traditional website may offer you the same, but they will never be able to do it with class, as www.lexsteele.com is doing. As I logged in, I was prompted for my username, and password as well as an access key which was generated by the server, which definitely shows that this website is serious about you as a member.

As I clicked on the pictures button on the left, I was greeted with different sets, the number of pictures in each one, and a preview shots of what there is in the archive. There were 5 pages of pictures, each one having 6 sets per page. If you do the math, that's a lot of pictures! The thumbnails loaded rather quickly, and were large enough for you to get an idea of what is in the picture. The picture quality was crisp, and clear, at 800x600 resolutions. The models definitely looked attractive, and they all looked great! Some European, some Latin, black honeys, and let's not forget the Asians! That's enough to please everyone from all around the world. The photos were mostly about the models getting stuffed by a "long brick". Some models had it easy, and they were just showing off their body. The sets have so many pictures, that I doubt anyone will make it through, if you know what I mean. The pictures looked professional, especially with the name of the website on them. All of them had the same consistent quality, as well as standard, and they all followed pretty much the same theme, so there weren't any surprises. The Movies section provided ample of content. There were 8 series or types of movies, and in each series, you were presented with about 5 movies. Each movie was available for download either as high speed, low speed, or just pictures. The screenshots of the movies were taken at 720x480 resoltion, and were informative to look at, in order to decide if a movie is worth the download. The movies were split in size, and they were different formats available, such as mpg, and wmv. Make sure you have the latest Windows Media Player(9/10) installed. There is a convenient link on the website. For the movies I've selected, I chose the highest encoding bitrate, which was 700kbps, and they looked crisp clear. They were pretty much close to DVD quality. This was a perfect complement for the pictures.
Now, you actually have a chance to see the beautiful girls in motion. The movies look so good, they're practically encouraging for you to make your own DVDs!

Network: Still haven't had enough? Well, there's still more.
By joining www.lexsteele.com, you get access to the a partner network which includes the following sites:

- peternorth.com
- christineyoung.com
- melissadoll.com
- realsquirt.com
- silverstonevideo.com
- peterscumshots.com
- shelbybell.com
- iwantlatina.com
- hardcorefiesta.com

If you click on Bonus Sites, you will see all of the sites mentioned above, as well as a insightful description of what each site has to offer. This has got to be the best value ever. I haven't seen a site that offers access to so many
partners sites, by just paying for one membership! Some of the extras for this website included: In store titles, a forum board, a support center, live feeds, which didn't seem to work at the time.

www.lexsteele.com has to be one of best chain link in the brainpass.com adult network. One of the cleanest layout, good download speed, as well as ample of content. This is a definitely worth joining, due to the fact that you will be an automatic member of the 9 other chain sites. So if you're looking to pay a fair price for more than one site, this will definitely be the place to do it. You will never get enough of all of this porn, since there is too much of it. And also, it's all quality porn, so you won't have to run around from site to site to find what you are looking for.

Price: $24.95

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