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Dixie Trailer Trash Review

dixietrailertrash.com review

Dixie Trailer Trash.com is not your typical site. This shows you some of the best hardcore action the south has to offer. Some of you could find it disturbing but, I found it kind of exciting. Here is a brief description of the site provided by its founders. “ A compendium of the South's nastiest sluts and horniest housewives slurping interracial cock, posing with shotguns and layin' nekkid on the rebel flag. This site features TONS of GREAT pics of older southern trash gals and their younger girlfriends, goin' at a slew of black men, and white men like a hunger-dazed hillbilly confronted by a big, juicy possum.”

Interested? That's exactly why I had to take a closer look inside. Wow, as soon as I entered dixietrailertrash.com you could feel the south, not a very professional site but, it's all about the content. Let's see what “the south's nastiest sluts and horniest house wives” have to offer. The options provided were pictures, video clips, free party info, model bios, video sales, and newsletter. Browsing the content I realized that southern girls seem to have a lot of fun. They go all out, some scenes were the craziest shit I had seen, when it comes to hardcore and group fun.

Dixie Trailer Trash technically is run and based around one sexy house wife. In total there are over 40,000 good quality pictures that are divided into various sets. The scenes include orgy parties, hardcore fucking, lesbians, and many hot mature models. A lot of interracial action is also involved. The archives are divided into three groups, interracial gangbangs, redneck lesbian lust, & sex starved trailer trash. The titles just do it for me. With the site being updated daily the content kept flowin' and the action kept on rollin'. The site has over 100 good quality videos in its archives. The videos all range anywhere between 1 to 10 minutes in length. Some videos are divided into scenes and all videos are streamlined into media player and could be downloaded to your hard drive for your hard cock to enjoy later. The videos contain great action in almost every nasty niche including sucking, facials, group sex, and outdoor shots. The ladies aren't your hot model type, but the action really gets you going. I have to warn you that this site is not for everyone, it doesn't contain your hot models and some scenes could look really weird but, the action is great, the parties are wild, and these girls give their best. The site contains enough samples of what it offers, and the amount of content should keep you coming back for more. The south will never be the same again.

Price: $21.95

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